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India eVisa from Kazakhstan

Updated on Feb 13, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

India is home to some of the world's most incredible sights, attracting tourists from all corners of the globe, from the lofty peaks of the northern mountain range to the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Kazakhstan citizens can now easily apply for an Indian eVisa online, without the need to physically visit embassies or consulates.

To obtain the Indian travel authorization, Kazakhstani visitors are required to fulfill specific criteria, specify the reason for their travel to India, and fill out an online application form. In a matter of a few hours, they can receive their eVisa and start planning their trip to India.

You require India e-Tourist Visa or Indian Visa Online to witness the amazing places and experiences as a foreign tourist in India. Alternatively, you could be visiting India on an India e-Business Visa and want to do some recreation and sightseeing in India. The Indian Immigration Authority encourages visitors to India to apply for Indian Visa Online rather than visiting Indian Consulate or Indian Embassy.

Visa Requirements for Kazakhstani Citizens Traveling to India

Kazakhstani nationals planning to visit India must obtain a valid visa before entering the country. India offers three types of online visas to Kazakhstani citizens, depending on the purpose of their travel: tourist, business, and medical visas.

For touristic purposes, Kazakhstani nationals can apply for an Indian eTourist visa. Once approved, this multiple-entry visa allows visitors to stay in India for up to 90 consecutive days, with a validity period of one year.

Kazakhstani citizens traveling for business or commercial purposes can apply for an Indian eBusiness visa. This double-entry visa allows visitors to stay in India for a maximum of 180 days, with a validity period of one year.

Those seeking medical treatment in India can apply for an Indian eMedical visa. This visa allows visitors to enter India up to three times, with a maximum stay of 60 days per visit. It's important to note that the eMedical visa is only applicable for medical procedures, and not for spiritual healing or guidance.


Though you can leave India by 4 different modes of travel viz. by air, by cruiseship, by train or by bus, only 2 modes of entry are valid when you enter the country on India e-Visa (India Visa Online ) by air and by cruise ship. Learn more at Airports and Seaports for Indian Visa

Required Documents and Eligibility Criteria for Kazakhstani Nationals Applying for an India Visa

To ensure a successful Indian eVisa application, Kazakhstani travelers must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Possess a valid passport issued by Kazakhstan
  • Have a current email address
  • Possess a valid debit/credit card

In addition, visitors from Kazakhstan must comply with the following conditions:

  • Ensure that their passport remains valid for at least six months after their intended date of arrival in India
  • Ensure that their passport has at least two blank pages for entry and exit stamps
  • Each individual, regardless of their age, must have their own passport and visa application (see Indian visa requirements for children)
  • The eVisa cannot be used to visit protected or restricted areas
  • Holders of diplomatic passports are not eligible to apply for an Indian eVisa
  • It is important to note that the Indian eVisa allows entry through any of the 28 designated airports and 5 seaports. Visitors can exit from any of the authorized Immigration Check Posts.

However, if Kazakhstani travelers plan to enter India via land, they must obtain a visa from a local embassy or consulate prior to their arrival in the country.


Foreigners who must visit India on a crisis basis are granted an Emergency Indian Visa (eVisa for emergency). If you live outside of India and need to visit India for a crisis or urgent reason, such as the death of a family member or cherished one, coming to court for legal reasons, or your family member or a cherished one is suffering from a real illness, you can apply for an emergency India visa. Learn more at The Emergency Visa to Visit India.

Processing Time for Indian Visa Applications for Kazakhstani Nationals

Kazakhstani citizens should apply for the India online visa at least 4 days before their planned trip to the country.

The processing time for an Indian eVisa application for Kazakhstani travelers can take anywhere from 2 to 4 business days. If the application is approved, the visitor will receive the electronic visa via email at the address provided during the application process.

After receiving the approved visa, it is necessary for Kazakhstani travelers to print out a copy and bring it to the airport upon arrival in India. It is recommended to keep a copy of the electronic visa at all times during the stay in the country.

To avoid delays or the possibility of rejection, Kazakhstani citizens should ensure that all information and documents provided in their application are correct and free of errors.


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How to Apply for an Indian Visa Online from Kazakhstan

Kazakhstani citizens have the option to apply for an Indian visa online without visiting an embassy or consulate. All that is required is an electronic device and internet access.

The online application process for the Indian eVisa can be completed in 4 simple steps, which take approximately 30 minutes to finish:

Fill out the electronic form, ensuring that all information matches the details on the applicant's passport.

Upload digital copies of the required supporting documentation. Different eVisa types may require different documents.

Submit valid credit or debit card information to pay the visa fees.

Print out the Indian eVisa and keep a copy to present to immigration authorities upon arrival.

It's important to note that an eVisa does not guarantee entry into India. The final decision will be made by immigration authorities at the Indian border.

While departing from India, you can choose among four transportation modes—air, cruise ship, train, or bus. However, for entry using India e-Visa (India Visa Online), only two modes are permissible: air and cruise ship.

Citizens of many countries including United States, France, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy are eligible for India e-Visa(Indian Visa Online). You can apply for the Indian e-Visa Online Application right here.

Should you have any doubts or require assistance for your trip to India or India e-Visa,contact Indian Visa Help Desk for support and guidance.